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Lucie Lynch
Lucie Lynch is a singer-songwriter, indie pop and modern folk musician from Honolulu who is often compared to Joni Mitchell 
and Joan Baez. 

“I am inspired by people who are making a difference in this world; I am inspired by people who remember that we are all more alike than we are different.” 
~Lucie 💖

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What people are saying about Lucie 💖
“Hi Lucie, thank you so much for your gift of energy, vibrations, love, generosity...and so on ☺️ I will enjoy your band camp and think that somewhere in the world gives me strength to find my own identity. 
All my admiration to you and
bless you!” 


You are uplifting and wise. I had a thought about you working with children, which you could, but I think you are clearly reaching adults connecting them with that loving inner child. Giving us all permission to be authentic, joyous, loving and playful with a dash or basket full of self-reflection. Self-reflection is not so painful when it's combined with joyous love."

~Paige B.

You Lucie have been such an incredible part of my year. No words could truly capture your beauty inside and out. Your dedication, your compassion, talent is profound. You are a soul I feel I have known forever ❤️

~Pamela P.

"Happy to be here! 
Sending Love & Light to all!"


"When I woke up this morning, the first thing that came into my head was ‘Yes, I can!’ 💛🔥💪 It instantly put me a positive mood! Thank you Lucie Lynch 


"Thank you for the invite, 
its nice to be here 🙂"


"Aloha Lucie Lynch! I am a fan! So proud of you and this Lighthouse. I love it!! So glad you’re doing more entertaining online. You were great with my group of engineers! Everyone was so moved! 
I was so happy!"


"You are such a light! Your songs are wonderful and today I listened one of them at least 10 times and every time I got so much awareness! Thank you so much! "


"Hey Lucie I am enjoying being a member of this group so much it's helping me with my depression anxiety and anxiousness actually and my panic attacks I really like the relaxation it gives my mind"


"You just know the words that resonate, and flow, words that inspire and music that makes you see that there is a light at the end if the tunnel, that yes, you can, 
can really come true. 
That hope lives."


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